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Static Camera

The newest tool added to our arsenal is the Reolink Go. We had our doubts prior to investing into this kit as we expected choppy/grainy video footage, slow notifications when reacting to the motion sensors and poor app software. Oh how we were wrong!

The Reolink Go is a stand-alone or static camera system which runs off an internal rechargeable battery or removable solar power (we are yet to trial the solar power). It is a cellular device so it requires a data SIM card meaning it can be deployed absolutely anywhere as long as there is a 3G or 4G network in the area. The camera is entirely operated via the bespoke mobile app which we have found very simple to use and super reactive when linking to the camera. When the built in motion sensor is activated your mobile device receives an instant confirmation and settings allow for immediate recording to ensure nothing is missed. It isn’t also equipped with infrared capability to allow for a good clear picture at night.

As mentioned, we were dubious about the video quality as many manufacturers out there claim their video cameras provide crisp 1080p quality but really, it’s just grainy and quite poor. The Reolink Go does intact film in true 1080p and the footage looks great!

As you can see from the picture, we mounted one of these to a Gorilla Tripod which allows us to deploy the camera pretty much anywhere quite simply.

Good effort Reolink, we are very impressed!


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