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The Power of the GPS Tracker!

GPS vehicle trackers have come a long way over the past few years as they now boast pin point accuracy with movement updates from as little as every 3 seconds (some even quicker!). Whilst trackers are no replacement for manned surveillance operatives on the ground, nor should they be entirely relied upon during operations, they do hold a key role on operations. Trackers prevent losses of contact occurring and when the data subjects vehicle moves we know about it whether we can see the vehicle or not. Trackers can also prevent the worst from happening, a compromise! If the subject is suspicious or surveillance aware, we can monitor his or her vehicle movements without the need of situating our selves so close to the home address. The follow procedures can also be somewhat relaxed as we wont need to keep constant eyes on the moving vehicle, we can just monitor from our mobile phones at a distance.

Keeping an eye on a data subjects vehicle is crucial for surveillance operations as people rarely walk any where anymore. Using a vehicle to drive 100m down the road to the shops is more often than not the preferred option. Our tracking devices will let us know when the subject moves off, what direction they are going, how fast they are going and where they have stopped. As previously mentioned, the tracker is not a replacement for manned surveillance because although we know where the subject's vehicle has gone, it will not give us the photographic or video evidence we need for our clients. It wont show us who the the subject is having an affair with, it wont show us the extent of a claimants injuries and it wont show us the employee physically working for a competitor. It will however give us a great lead to start gathering evidence.

Some may see the use of GPS trackers as illegal. This is completely wrong. There are laws based around the use of trackers which is why you should always consider hiring a professional who is familiar with the relevant legislation. Sentry Private Investigators Ltd hold full membership with the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and we abide by the ABI POLICY & GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE USE & DEPLOYMENT OF GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) ELECTRONIC TRACKING DEVICES.

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