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Tricky Job

medical Insurance fraud

Today we tackled a personal injury private investigation which proved to be fairly difficult from beginning to end!

First off, the claimant suspected of fraud is a GP. This alone sets off a few alarm bells because she could well be aware of an investigation being conducted against her. Medical professionals see fraudulent injuries every day. They know full well why their patients are doing it (payouts), so they are well clued up. The fact that the claimant is a GP meant we had to tread extremely carefully.

Secondly, the claimants address was down a country back road, on a bend and set back behind hedgerows and big electric gates. Pretty much everything a surveillance operative doesn’t like...

Upon arriving at the property we could only see snippets of the driveway when walking/driving past. We couldn’t see any vehicles on the driveway and we couldn’t stop for any amount of time for further investigation without raising suspicions in the area.

The driveway couldn’t be observed, and we didn’t have a vehicle or ID photo of the claimant to follow away should either pass us further up the road.

The only way we were going to achieve a result with this task was to deploy a static camera in the area to observe the driveway. So, that’s what we did. Shortly after the deployment, we received a phone notification saying the camera had been triggered. The camera started rolling and we managed to get the details of the claimants vehicle arriving at the property. We were right, the driveway was empty of any vehicles!

With the claimant arriving home first thing in the morning, we put 2 and 2 together and assumed (not confirmed) the claimant had been working a night shift.

We thought we wouldn’t see the the claimant for the rest of the day, but we were wrong. The claimant decided to go for a power walk in the local area which led us all across the countryside and down single lane tracks before eventually arriving home again (surely to go to bed?)

Either way, with all the odds stacked against us, we pulled off an excellent result for the client. The speed, distance and no limp completely contradicted the subjects claim. Furthermore, GP or no GP, she had no idea we were gathering evidence against her.

If you need the assistance of a Birmingham private investigator, get in touch with Sentry Investigations. We don’t just down tools when things aren’t going our way, we use new tools!

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