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Wash Out

Private investigator Birmingham

Private investigations, or more specifically, surveillance operations are all about the waiting game. Although there are plenty of tricks one can perform to essentially force a subject to come out of his or property, we do not under any circumstances do this. For serious legal reasons, we must be patient and just hope the subject leaves on his or own accord.

Most surveillance tasks are setup with prior intelligence which could be anything from a known school run, or working hours etc. however, there are plenty of jobs where routines are unknown.

Todays insurance related private investigation brought the rain along with it. We observed the associated property for 8 hours straight, but on this occasion we had no joy! We think the rain actually stopped the subject leaving his house today. I mean, who would want to go out in this weather…?

Unfortunately, that is just the way it goes sometimes. We want nothing more than getting some great footage of a subject to prove or disprove his or her claim. That being said, Mother Nature always wins!

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