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We Are Ltd!

Sentry Investigations Ltd

For the past few years we have been toying with the idea of taking the bold step and incorporating Sentry Investigations. We even got as close as pressing the “Submit” button on the Companies House website at one point. But then the pandemic hit and our future intentions were firmly put on ice. Like most business across the country (and even the world), we were forced to pause our plans, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives...

However, we are coming out of hiding now and we are getting back to work! One thing we did learn during lockdown was to not delay and start making things happen, NOW!

So we didn’t mess about. Sentry Investigations is now Sentry Investigations Ltd, and we are really excited about where this is going.

We are Birmingham based private investigators offering our services across the West and East Midland regions. Sentry Investigations Ltd conduct all manner of investigations for the private and corporate sectors including, covert surveillance operations, background screening, GPS tracker deployment and even bug sweeps.

If you or your business require a private investigator Birmingham, get in touch with Sentry Investigations Ltd. We are experienced investigative professionals with the required skill sets to uncover the hidden truths you are seeking.


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