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When Luck Is On Your Side

Private Investigator

Without trying to sound like Liam Neeson from the 2008 movie ‘Taken’, surveillance operatives require a specific set which really is built up over a number of years through intensive training and live operations. That being said, there is an element on luck involved sometimes which keeps operations going for the expected time frame.

Just yesterday, we undertook a surveillance operation in the Greater London area for reasons of suspected infidelity in a relationship. We had the intelligence of there being two vehicles belonging to the data subject. Upon arrival, one of the vehicles was present. We could have deployed a GPS tracker but the decision was made to hold off as we didn’t know if the subject was using the other known vehicle or what. This decision wasn’t taken lightly as GPS trackers on tasks like these are very beneficial, especially in London.

At just after midday we observed an unknown female exiting the property we were observing, and departing in a taxi that had just pulled up. This female was who the subject was having an affair with. Shortly after, the subject departed in the vehicle we now wish we had deployed a tracker onto...

The subject continued in his vehicle to a number of different busy supermarkets in the area to collect food donations for a food bank he was working for. Luck really was on our side here because whenever the subject pulled over, there was always a perfect position for us to move into and gather video footage. Our positioning was advantageous because we could always continue with our follow procedures whilst remaining undetected as the subject pulled off again. Now this may sound expected of a surveillance operative, but in the busiest parts of London it is hardly ever the case. It was as if someone was on our side throughout this task.

Once the subject departed from a well known supermarket, he got quite far ahead of to the point of us losing sight of him. Now we really did wish we had a tracker deployed. Somehow, with a sheer stroke of luck we continued in direction on a guess and we caught back up with him. Phew! Then it happened again... The subject started to head into central London with things got really tricky. He got so far ahead in congestion that we really did have to guess every move. But we found him! He had pulled over outside a restaurant to collect more foods donations. The job was back on!

Once the subject picked up the donation, he dropped everything off at the food bank on the outskirts of London.

He then finished for the day and drove back our starting point where his bit on the side was waiting for him on the driveway. A few kisses and verbal exchanges took place briefly before the subject scuttled back home to his waiting wife.

Things could have gone very differently if luck wasn’t on our side with this one, but our perseverance and professionalism got us the result we needed albeit not what the client wanted to see.

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