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Working Life of a Private Investigator UK

Private Investigator UK

When meeting people in person, usually one of the first questions that arises is, "So, what do you do for a living?" The chances of actually investigating the people we are talking to is so slim that we tell them straight... "I am a private investigator." Usually, people have never met a private investigator and they naturally want to know more about what we do.

Being a private investigator UK can mean a whole bunch of different things. Some investigators focus on Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT), which revolves around desktop investigations. Others specialise in litigation proceedings where legal documentation is required to be served to a subject in person. There are many specialised areas of private investigations, but for us at Sentry Investigations Ltd, we like to get on the ground and practice covert mobile surveillance. This is a very specialised tradecraft in its own right, and takes high levels of training and professionalism to do it right.

Mobile surveillance operatives find them selves waking up before the rest of the UK. We need to get up, get ready and get to a job, ideally 1 hour before the subject gets out of bed. On arrival, (if not completed prior) we conduct a period of reconnaissance to gather live intelligence in order to form the basis of our operation. We then locate and site a suitable observation post (OP) where we are confident we will not be compromised by the subject or any third parties. Static observations then resume for the duration. If, and when the subject departs from wherever he or she is, when then move into mobile surveillance procedures. These procedures can lead us to absolutely anywhere. If the subject departs on foot, we follow. If the subject departs in a car, we follow. If the subject boards a NASA spacecraft, we need to get on that spacecraft somehow. A good blag usually does the trick...

Once we have our subject under control (without them knowing) we evidence everything they are getting up to via means of covert video recordings. We do everything we can within the constraints of the law to gather essential evidence for our clients. Remaining on the right side of the law is of huge importance for obvious reasons, and it takes a whole lot of training to understand what you can and cannot do on operations.

Putting people under surveillance is not something we ever take lightly. In order for us to do this, we must first and foremost satisfy a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Essentially, we must have a clear lawful basis for our private investigations which usually falls under a legitimate interest.

Mobile surveillance can be used for a whole host of reasons. Typically when people think of private investigators doing surveillance, they think of infidelity investigations to catch out cheating partners. They are not wrong in thinking this as these types of investigation are very common in the UK. However, we do also focus on fraudulent workplace injury claims to evidence the true extent of an employees supposed injury. We investigate employees with high levels of absence which often lead to discovering they are moonlighting, or working for competitors. The list really does go on.

Upon completion of our mobile surveillance operations, we produce detailed chronological reports for our clients and provide all of the relevant video footage obtained throughout the period of observations. We then drive home for our dinner and read over the notes for the following days surveillance.

If you require a private investigator Birmingham, or private investigator UK, get in touch with Sentry Investigations Ltd. We offer all types of investigation (not just surveillance), at competitive rates against the market. We have been operating since 2013, and we have built up the knowledge and expertise to provide professional and effective private investigations.

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